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Experience design agency specialized in Identity, Development, 3D technology and Ai Content creation
Step into our world, step into The Brink. We turn your business into a meaningful digital experience with identity, development, and immersive 3D technology in order to have a wider audience engage with your message. Turn your ideas into reality with bold & effective Dutch design. Our mission is to make your business look and feel authentic, so it can cut through the competition's noise. Therefore, one case at the time, we will make the crowded digital space more beautiful. The Brink Agency's AI-powered content service offers an unprecedented opportunity to revolutionize content creation, unleashing boundless creative possibilities. Our solution empowers brands to swiftly generate top-quality, captivating materials across diverse formats, elevating marketing strategies and fostering deeper customer engagement. Experience how our innovative service transforms the way businesses communicate and stand out in today's digital landscape. We are committed to your digital evolution with astonishing experiences that will make your business more successful. Expand your digital imagination Our services include but are not limited to: Web Design & Development Ai Powered Content (new) Digital Strategy & Branding (Content production) UX / UI Design Visual production (Art direction) App Development (IOS & Android) 3D solutions (Technology and renders) Sortlist Success Stories: The Brink, a multi-award-winning Amsterdam based European studio, boasts a talented team with a history of jury efforts for prestigious institutes like Webby Awards, FWA, and Awwwards. Garnering four consecutive Sortlist Awards, including 2022's "Top Performer," they've earned their place among Europe's elite agencies. Their commitment to creativity and excellence is evident through their "Most Creative Works," "Top Performer NL," and "Prix D'excellence" awards. As an fast growing company we got the Fd gazelle award for 2022, and are on the shortlist for 2023.
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  • Descrizione

    Elevate your customer experience with immersive 3D product visualization and configuration across your website, Android app, iOS app, or in-store touchscreens like never before! Unlock limitless possibilities and empower customers to personalize products to their taste. Our versatile 3D Configurator Online seamlessly integrates with iOS, Android, and web platforms. Moreover, our stunning 3D applications are compatible with cutting-edge Virtual Reality systems like the Oculus Rift and Augmented Reality technology. Get ready to revolutionize your product presentation!
    Capacità in 3D (47)
    3D Modeling3D PrintingDevOpsAnimaciónResponsive WebsiteVR appEcommerce Website Design3D ConfigurationProgressive Web Appvisuales+37
    Lavori in 3D (49)
    The Brink Agency - Showreel 2024 - 3D
    Elevating Brand Identity for Dutch Design - 3D
    UI/UX, 3D technology for Sense Recruitment - 3D
    Branding, 3D assets and videography for Mizuno - 3D
    Recensioni in 3D (3)
    Sander vessies
    Clienti in 3D (49)
    HBOT4LIFEOspedali & Sanità |
    The Brink AgencyMarketing & Pubblicità | international
    Dutch DesignTrasporto | international
    Sense RecruitmentConsulenza di Management | national

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  • Descrizione
    Our comprehensive branding services focus on crafting your company's entire image, ensuring a strong and cohesive brand identity. Our team of skilled designers and strategists collaborate to create your logo, look book, icons, and various other distinctive brand visuals and textual elements. We seamlessly integrate these components across your website and other platforms, fostering a consistent brand experience for your audience.

    As your company continually innovates and introduces new ideas, our design team is here to help visualize these concepts. Whether you aim to present them internally to your staff or externally to your target audience, our experts produce high-quality imagery that effectively communicates your vision to the world. Through our collaborative approach, we ensure that each design not only captures the essence of your concept but also aligns with your overall brand identity, allowing your company to confidently showcase its innovations and maintain a strong brand presence.

    -Branding and Identity Design
    -Logo Design
    -Look Book Creation
    -Icon Design
    -Visual Design and Strategy
    -Corporate Identity Development
    -Brand Book Development
    -Online Strategy
    -Marketing Content Creation
    -Concept Visualization
    -Website Design and Development
    -Social Media Strategy and Management
    -Digital Marketing and Advertising
    -User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Design
    Capacità in Branding & Posizionamento (94)
    Target Group DefinitionSaaS Strategy ConsultingMixed Reality DevelopmentAugmented Reality DevelopmentSlogan DesignBranding PositioningBusiness BrandingLogo BrandingCreative BrandingDigital Ad+84
    Lavori in Branding & Posizionamento (63)
    The Brink Agency - Showreel 2024 - Branding & Posizionamento
    Brand touch-up and Digital Presence for AI Digital - Branding & Posizionamento
    Elevating Brand Identity for Dutch Design - Branding & Posizionamento
    Brand touch-up and Re-branding for CCdot - Branding & Posizionamento
    Recensioni in Branding & Posizionamento (8)
    Boris Berat
    Kevin RM
    Tanya Laumen - van Doorne
    Nina Honer
    Clienti in Branding & Posizionamento (63)
    TurnerRisorse Umane | national
    Pols PottenAltri | national
    LimoncelloProdotti alimentari | national
    Panda InternationalAltri | international

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  • Descrizione
    We offer a diverse range of digital solutions for organizations of varying sizes and sectors, with scalable team structures tailored to each project. Our talented in-house staff manages dedicated teams, and we assign a personal account manager for continuous support. Our extensive services include:

    UX/UI Design: Customized, interactive interfaces that guide users seamlessly through content, tailored to your audience.

    WordPress, Webflow and other systems: Visually appealing websites that serve as your brand's digital footprint, offering easy client updates post-launch.

    Web Development: Fully bespoke web applications designed around your company's products and services, providing clients with complete access throughout the development process.

    What sets us apart is our innovative AI content creation services, featuring dedicated prompt engineers who help craft content perfectly aligned with your company's strategy. We further enhance our offerings by integrating cutting-edge 3D content and technology, ensuring a comprehensive and forward-thinking approach to your digital needs.
    Capacità in Creazione di siti web (135)
    Album Cover DesignWordPress DevelopmentInternetIcon DesignLogo DevelopmentDjango DevelopmentSocial Media DesignBlog CreationCorporate DesignPublication Design+125
    Lavori in Creazione di siti web (71)
    The Brink Agency - Showreel 2024 - Creazione di siti web
    UI/UX, 3D technology for Sense Recruitment - Creazione di siti web
    Ticra Outdoor Rebranding and UI/UX - Creazione di siti web
    R-Solution website redesign and 3D configurator - Creazione di siti web
    Recensioni in Creazione di siti web (13)
    Nick Oude Aarninkhof
    Cissy Liu
    Jim Groot
    Frederik Vermuyten
    Clienti in Creazione di siti web (71)
    ARTI70Architettura & Pianificazione |
    SA Wear ClothingAbbigliamento e accessori |
    Lucis wireless lightingProdotti per la casa |
    REGARDZAltri |

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  • Descrizione
    We design and build applications for both IOS & Android systems, we take care off your wishes for the app and guide you through whole process, from initial designs to going live.

    Let your consumers view or configure your products anywhere in a full 3D application on your website, Android app, IOS app or a touch screen in your store like never before!
    The possibilities are unlimited and offer a completely new way to let your customers personalize the products. 3D Configurator Online gives you the possibility to use the same application in IOS, Android or even in your website. Our 3D applications can also be made for Virtual Reality such as the Oculus Rift or Augmented reality.

    We create real time high-resolution 3D imagery using the Unity three.js software, which is viewable both on & offline. The software is used to showcase products and services and can be connected to the e-commerce services.

    We create complex on & off line data systems from scratch, the systems digitalize your organization and are used to synergize the collaborative efforts of your organization.

    We connect the required data and visualize it through the use of an application programming interface. This streamlines the companies workflow and interconnects every available system.
    Capacità in Applicazione web (86)
    Mobile SEOWordPressWeb DesignCMSWebsite DevelopmentWeb DevelopmentMagentoMobile Application DevelopmentResponsive DesignMobile App Development+76
    Lavori in Applicazione web (34)
    Brand touch-up and Digital Presence for AI Digital - Applicazione web
    Vanquish Yachts 3D configurator - Applicazione web
    Cirro | Digital presence and development - Applicazione web
    Pawly | Branding and digital presence - Applicazione web
    Review in {{name}} (1)
    Diewertje koesen
    Clienti in Applicazione web (34)
    Studio Pets By MyrnaAnimali domestici | international
    HBOT4LIFEOspedali & Sanità |
    Y8 YachtBeni di lusso & dei gioielli | international
    DUX-SOUPSoftware & servizi informatici | international

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  • Descrizione
    Mastering Ergonomy in UI/UX Design: The Brink Agency's Approach

    The Brink Agency, a leading digital design experience agency, expertly integrates ergonomy—the science of optimizing human well-being and performance—into UI/UX design. We prioritize four key principles to create intuitive, engaging, and effortless digital experiences.

    Cognitive Load Reduction: Minimizing mental effort for users is essential. The Brink Agency achieves this through clear visual hierarchies, consistent design patterns, and concise content, making our designs easy to understand and navigate.

    Accessibility: We adhere to best practices, such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), to ensure our designs cater to users with varying abilities, promoting inclusivity and enjoyment for all.

    Intuitive Navigation: Crafting logical and user-friendly navigation systems is crucial for positive UX. We focus on designing navigation structures that align with the mental models and expectations of our target audience.

    Physical Comfort: Considering extended digital device usage, we design interfaces that promote physical comfort. Factors like touch target size, button placement, and font sizes are carefully considered to create comfortable, user-friendly designs.

    By incorporating ergonomic principles, The Brink Agency creates intuitive interfaces that exceed user expectations and drive success for our clients in the digital realm.
    Capacità in Ergonomia (UX/UI) (49)
    Customer Satisfaction SurveyCustomer Habits TrackingObjective Key ResultBehavioral TestingTrial Experience OptimizationPerception StudyStory MappingScrum Master ExpertisePayment Flow OptimizationSentiment Analysis+39
    Lavori in Ergonomia (UX/UI) (46)
    The Brink Agency - Showreel 2024 - Ergonomia (UX/UI)
    Brand touch-up and Digital Presence for AI Digital - Ergonomia (UX/UI)
    UI/UX, 3D technology for Sense Recruitment - Ergonomia (UX/UI)
    Vanquish Yachts 3D configurator - Ergonomia (UX/UI)
    Review in {{name}} (1)
    Lennard van der Pal
    Clienti in Ergonomia (UX/UI) (46)
    The Brink AgencyMarketing & Pubblicità | international
    de Kaaskamer van AmsterdamProdotti alimentari | international
    Millenium TorenAffitto Ufficio/Stanza/Spazio | national
    ProloogArchitettura & Pianificazione | national

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  • Descrizione
    At The Brink Agency, we establish your e-commerce platforms using top-tier software like WooCommerce, striving to deliver an exceptional buying experience for your customers through high-quality visuals and sleek design. Our expertise extends to SEO and speed optimization strategies, driving organic traffic to your webshops. Additionally, our comprehensive range of 3D solutions enhances customer engagement and boosts revenue by fostering interactivity. Trust The Brink Agency to elevate your e-commerce presence and drive business growth.
    Capacità in E-Commerce (51)
    magento ecommerceseo rankingseo knowledgeEcommerce Web DesignWooCommerce IntegrationOnline storeShopify MarketingE-Commerce HostingElectronic commercePrestashop Development+41
    Lavori in E-Commerce (17)
    Ticra Outdoor Rebranding and UI/UX - E-Commerce
    Vanquish Yachts 3D configurator - E-Commerce
    3D production and Webdesign for Rich and Rivano - E-Commerce
    Brand touch-up and digital presence for Bakermat - E-Commerce
    Recensioni in E-Commerce (2)
    Daan van Dee
    Carina Hansen
    Clienti in E-Commerce (17)
    Arti70Marketing & Pubblicità | international
    Ticra OutdoorBeni di lusso & dei gioielli | international
    Vanquish YachtsAutomobilistico | international
    Rich and RivanoBevande | international

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  • Descrizione
    We design and build applications for both iOS and Android systems, we take care off your wishes for the app and guide you through whole process, from initial designs to going live.

    We connect the required data and visualize it through the use of an application programming interface. This streamlines the companies workflow and interconnects every available system.

    We create complex on & off line data systems from scratch, the systems digitalize your organization and are used to synergize the collaborative efforts of your organization.
    Capacità in Applicazione Mobile (61)
    iOSMobile Application DevelopmentCustom DevelopmentMobile App DesignResponsive DesignMobile App DevelopmentWeb ApplicationNextJS DevelopmentReact Native DevelopmentUX Research+51
    Lavori in Applicazione Mobile (17)
    Brand touch-up and Digital Presence for AI Digital - Applicazione Mobile
    Cirro | Digital presence and development - Applicazione Mobile
    Vanquish Yachts | Re-branding and Web Design - Applicazione Mobile
    Carna | Branding & App development - Applicazione Mobile
    Recensioni in Applicazione Mobile (4)
    Daniela Cerveni
    Daan van Dee
    Wesley Maduro
    Clienti in Applicazione Mobile (17)
    SpazeSoftware & servizi informatici |
    TurnerOspedali & Sanità |
    Bertel O.SteenAutomobilistico |
    Zilt carsAutomobilistico | international

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  • Descrizione
    Propel Your Business Forward with The Brink Agency's Digital Strategy Service

    In today's digital landscape, a well-executed digital strategy is crucial for businesses to thrive. The Brink Agency is dedicated to helping clients move forward with confidence, providing a comprehensive digital strategy service that adapts to your unique needs and goals. Our expert team collaborates closely with you, ensuring a tailored approach that drives results and elevates your brand.

    Comprehensive Analysis:
    In-depth assessment of your current digital presence
    Identification of strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities

    Goal Setting & KPIs:
    Defining clear, measurable objectives
    Establishing key performance indicators to track progress

    Audience Segmentation & Targeting:
    Profiling and understanding your target audience
    Tailored messaging to resonate with specific segments

    Multi-Channel Strategy:
    Optimizing online presence across various platforms
    Integration of website, social media, email, and more

    Content Strategy:
    Development of high-quality, engaging content
    Aligning content with brand voice and audience preferences

    SEO & SEM:
    Implementing search engine optimization best practices
    Leveraging search engine marketing to boost visibility
    Performance Analysis & Optimization:
    Regular monitoring of KPIs and performance metrics
    Adapting and refining strategy based on data-driven insights

    Competitor Benchmarking:
    Identifying industry trends and competitor tactics
    Leveraging insights to inform strategic decision-making

    User Experience (UX) & Conversion Rate Optimization:
    Enhancing website usability and user journey
    Implementing tactics to improve conversion rates

    Ongoing Support & Maintenance:
    Continuous updates and improvements to digital assets
    Adapting to evolving industry trends and technologies

    At The Brink Agency, we understand the importance of a robust digital strategy in propelling your business towards enduring success. Our holistic approach ensures that every aspect of your online presence is optimized and aligned with your objectives. Trust our expertise to guide your organization towards a seamless and impactful digital transformation, setting the stage for growth and prosperity in an ever-changing digital environment.
    Capacità in Strategia digitale (50)
    HubSpot IntegrationDigital Developmentstrategic thinkinginternet advertisingweb advertisingB2B Lead Generationintegrated digital marketingbranding positioningad marketingBranding Marketing+40
    Lavori in Strategia digitale (25)
    Branding, 3D assets and videography for Mizuno - Strategia digitale
    STAPPENBELT | Re-branding and digital presence - Strategia digitale
    OFFICE BY KISCH | Brand touch-up & presence - Strategia digitale
    Migoto Web 3.0 | Brand identity & digital presence - Strategia digitale
    Review in {{name}} (1)
    Ozan Karavel
    Clienti in Strategia digitale (25)
    Aurelius TechnologyConsulenza di Management |
    Van Dijk & Ten CateImmobiliare | national
    Arti70Marketing & Pubblicità | international
    Arti 70Intrattenimento & Eventi | international

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  • Descrizione
    Graphic Design Services at Our Agency: A Fusion of Creativity and Expertise

    As a top-tier digital design agency, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive graphic design services tailored to your unique needs. Our expert team combines creativity, technical proficiency, and industry knowledge to develop stunning visuals that elevate your brand and resonate with your target audience. In this piece, we'll explore our key graphic design offerings, which include UX/UI design, visual design, real-time 3D applications, 3D renders, and video & animation.

    UX/UI Design:
    We craft full-package interface and interaction designs, custom-tailored to your audience. Our interactive interfaces are designed to guide users through your content seamlessly, ensuring an engaging and intuitive experience.

    Visual Design:
    Our in-house design team produces high-quality imagery for websites, campaigns, lookbooks, brochures, and folders. We showcase your product or service with expertly designed visuals that enhance your SEO and captivate your audience.

    Realtime 3D Applications:
    Utilizing cutting-edge Unity and three.js software, we create stunning, high-resolution 3D imagery viewable both online and offline. This immersive content can showcase your products and services, integrating seamlessly with your e-commerce platform.

    3D Renders:
    Our agency specializes in designing beautiful, simplistic 3D renders that bring your project, product, concept, or service to life. These lifelike images can also be utilized for social outreach, expanding your brand's reach and impact.

    Video & Animation:
    Our skilled team can shoot and edit captivating videos and animations to introduce your company's products and services. We integrate these visuals into interactive banners on your website and webshop, enhancing user engagement and driving conversions.

    At our agency, we understand the power of exceptional graphic design in shaping your brand's success. With our diverse range of services, from UX/UI design to video and animation, we're committed to delivering creative, impactful solutions that resonate with your audience and elevate your brand. Trust our expertise to bring your vision to life and set your business apart in the competitive digital landscape.
    Capacità in Graphic Design (102)
    Infographic DesignWebdesignIllustrationDesignPrint DesignLogo DesignBrochure DesignIdentity Design2D Animation2D+92
    Lavori in Graphic Design (72)
    Brand touch-up and Re-branding for CCdot - Graphic Design
    3D and digital presence for Newskool - Graphic Design
    Digital presence for Practical Accounting - Graphic Design
    A complete digital makeover for koni - Graphic Design
    Review in {{name}} (1)
    Clienti in Graphic Design (72)
    Vanquish YachtsBeni di lusso & dei gioielli | international
    HBOT4LIFEOspedali & Sanità |
    HoloulServizi per la casa |
    Matching FansConsulenza di Management |

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  • Descrizione
    Embracing the Future of Motion Design: AI and Photorealistic Rendering

    As a leading digital design agency, we specialize in harnessing the power of AI and photorealistic 3D rendering to create captivating visuals. Our expertise lies in transforming simple 2D infographics into immersive 3D commercials, engaging audiences and elevating brand messaging.

    Our innovative approach leverages AI to automate repetitive tasks, generate complex animations, and create data-driven visuals. This enables our designers to focus on creativity and innovation, delivering unparalleled results for our clients.

    We're proud to offer photorealistic 3D rendering services, crafting lifelike visuals of objects, environments, and characters. This cutting-edge technology allows us to bring our clients' most ambitious ideas to life, providing immersive and visually stunning experiences.

    Our commitment to staying at the forefront of motion design innovation ensures we deliver the highest quality services, creating breath-taking visuals that captivate and inspire audiences. Trust us to elevate your brand through the power of AI and photorealistic 3D rendering.
    Capacità in Motion Design (49)
    Automated Content Creationanimation designMotion GraphicMotion Design 3DCreative Copywriting3D AnimationCreative DesignInfographic DesignMotion Graphic Design3D Graphic Design+39
    Lavori in Motion Design (39)
    The Brink Agency - Showreel 2024 - Motion Design
    Elevating Brand Identity for Dutch Design - Motion Design
    Branding, 3D assets and videography for Mizuno - Motion Design
    Ticra Outdoor Rebranding and UI/UX - Motion Design
    Review in {{name}} (1)
    Clienti in Motion Design (39)
    SA Wear Bedrijfskleding BVAbbigliamento e accessori | national
    The Brink AgencyMarketing & Pubblicità | international
    Dutch DesignTrasporto | international
    MizunoSports | international

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StoriaThe Brink Agency specializes in identity, digital dev, 3D & AI, crafting captivating brand experiences. We provide custom development, branding, immersive 3D, & AI content creation, fostering deep brand-customer connections, driving growth & exploring digital opportunities.
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FD gazelle 20222022-8-31fast growing
Sortlist Top Performer Europe 20222022-4-1Top Performer
Sortlist Top Performer The Netherlands 20222022-1-31
Sortlist Excellence Award2019-12-31Online platform

Core77 Design award2019-4-30Design
Sortlist Excellence Award2020-12-31Most Creative Works Presentation


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(38 recensioni)
Aada LättiInternal Communications Specialist da Wipak Group
ServizioProduzione Video

Qual era l'obiettivo dietro la collaborazione?We wanted to find a partner who could express and visualize our story in the right way.

Cosa ti è piaciuto di più durante la tua collaborazione?Working with The Brink Agency was pleasant in every way: they really wanted to understand and listen to the client and strive for the best possible outcome.

Aada Lätti raccomanda questa agenzia

ServizioProduzione Video

Frederik VermuytenOwner da Moneres BV
ServizioCreazione di siti web

Qual era l'obiettivo dietro la collaborazione?Brand design and positioning + matching webshop.

Cosa ti è piaciuto di più durante la tua collaborazione?Renata was the best in terms of understanding the brand idea and converting it to the design.

Frederik Vermuyten raccomanda questa agenzia

ServizioCreazione di siti web

Cissy LiuLead Global Branding da CIRRO
ServizioBranding & Posizionamento

Qual era l'obiettivo dietro la collaborazione?the agency helped to deliver a campaign visual creative concept with assets.

Cosa ti è piaciuto di più durante la tua collaborazione?flexible and supportive communication, and good deliverables

Cissy Liu raccomanda questa agenzia

ServizioBranding & Posizionamento

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