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#Mission =   TO   ACHIEVE OUR CLIENTS’ FULL POTENTIAL ON THE WEB OUR PRIDE? AN INCREASE IN YOUR SALES ACHIEVING CONFIDENCE THROUGH EXCELLENT RESULTS AND COMPLETE HONESTY Prima Posizione is a web agency focused on RESULTS. Since the establishment of our company, we have accomplished an unstoppable expansion thanks to our reputation of being a serious and reliable agency created with commitment and with the results guaranteed to our customers year after year. Clients appreciate our precious ability to convey complex concepts in a simple and clear way. We make sure that those close to us can really UNDERSTAND the web and the vast opportunities it offers. This is due to the fact that we try to consistently maintain a high level of expertise in the tools and operations of the web. Our computer technicians devote much time to the study of this virtual world and to the development of new opportunities and online business solutions. The objectives we pursue are to obtain high VISIBILITY, increase ACCESS as well as bring a LARGE INCREMENT OF CONTACTS and MARKET REQUESTS. In other words, we turn the vast business opportunities promised by the web into reality. WE ADDRESS ENERGIES TOWARDS CONCRETE OBJECTIVES A TEAM OF EXPERTS WITH ONLY ONE THING IN MIND: YOUR SUCCESS. The team of Prima Posizione can offer its skills at 360° to project management, through its 7 years of experience gained in web marketing, and in particular in SEO activities. Prima Posizione’s activities take place in an experienced environment. It is able to meet the demands of the project thanks to years of experience in the SEO field, solid know-how of Digital Marketing and online promotion, which are essential in order not to neglect any aspect in SEO performances. What we offer: - the services of a company which is a leader in the SEO Italian industry  and is listed in the top 10 of the European ones from the independent website; - complete production and digital structure (system support, programming, copy, graphics, assistance, training and statistical analysis); - extreme versatility and speed in response time; - high propensity to problem solving; - a young, dynamic and heterogeneous team.
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  • Descrizione
    We have great competence in planning online marketing strategies aimed at reaching your “typical client”. Thanks to our experience, we master any web promotion channel to increase commercial opportunities.
    Lavori in Pubblicità online (3)
    SEO and PPC campaing - - Pubblicità online
    SEO, PCC, Social Media  Campaigns - - Pubblicità online
    Brand Rep., Lead Generation - - Pubblicità online
    Clienti in Pubblicità online (3)
    SonusfaberElettronica di consumo | international
    Prestige Srl.Beni di lusso & dei gioielli | international
    IDIA International SPAAssicurazione |

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  • Descrizione
    We are specialised in giving websites high visibility thanks to the optimization and promotion on search engines, in particular on Google. SEO is one of the best instruments to develop targeted traffic.
    Lavori in SEO (4)
    SEO and PPC campaing - - SEO
    SEO, PCC, Social Media  Campaigns - - SEO
    Web Advertisting, SEO, PPC - - SEO
    Brand Rep., Lead Generation - - SEO
    Clienti in SEO (4)
    Prestige Srl.Beni di lusso & dei gioielli | international
    SonusfaberElettronica di consumo | international
    Xacus Srl.Abbigliamento e accessori |
    IDIA International SPAAssicurazione |

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  • Descrizione
    To obtain tangible business results using all the potential of the new instruments of digital communication: this is our mission on social networks for companies. To actualize and obtain results from Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, Google Plus, Pinterest and other sites of social sharing.
    Capacità in Social Media (4)
    Pinterest MarketingPublicité PinterestDigital CommunicationFacebook Advertising
    Lavoro in {{name}} (1)
    SEO, PCC, Social Media  Campaigns - - Social Media
    Cliente in {{name}} (1)
    Prestige Srl.Beni di lusso & dei gioielli | international

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  • Descrizione
    Thanks to our partnership with Google, we offer maximum competence for promotional campaigns on search engines. These campaigns are aimed at obtaining concrete results to find new clients through targeted visibility and adequate communication.
    Lavori in Pubblicità (3)
    SEO, PCC, Social Media  Campaigns - - Pubblicità
    Web Advertisting, SEO, PPC - - Pubblicità
    Brand Rep., Lead Generation - - Pubblicità
    Clienti in Pubblicità (3)
    IDIA International SPAAssicurazione |
    Prestige Srl.Beni di lusso & dei gioielli | international
    Xacus Srl.Abbigliamento e accessori |

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  • Descrizione
    If an image is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a thousand images. This is the power of Video Marketing, probably the most viral promotional channel available today on the planet. We study projects to obtain high global visibility, with investments that are proportional to the goals you have actually reached.
    Capacità in Produzione Video (1)
    Video Marketing

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  • Descrizione

    Nessuna descrizione fornita per questo servizio.

    Lavori in Branding & Posizionamento (2)
    Web Advertisting, SEO, PPC - - Branding & Posizionamento
    Brand Rep., Lead Generation - - Branding & Posizionamento
    Clienti in Branding & Posizionamento (2)
    IDIA International SPAAssicurazione |
    Xacus Srl.Abbigliamento e accessori |

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  • Descrizione

    Nessuna descrizione fornita per questo servizio.

    Capacità in Strategia digitale (1)
    Project Management

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