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Milano, Italia
My team and I run a remote digital marketing & consulting agency where we help start-ups achieve global growth and larger corporations meet their specific digital marketing goals . Some of our most common projects include a mix of social media marketing, paid advertising, and email marketing . Our strengths are in these areas and we have helped many start-ups grow after initial funding for their marketing plans.  Other services provided: SEO, Start-up PR, CEO Personal Branding (check out my Linkedin for more credibility around this), Content Marketing, and 360-degree digital strategy consulting . We are used to working remotely and set up constant communication channels with all clients for success.  Industries We Have Worked With: B2B B2C Airlines/Aviation Fashion/Cosmetics Products Services SaaS Pharmaceutical Transportation Devices Insurance Agencies Non-Profits CEO Personal Branding ....and more!  More about me: Originally from the U.S, I have lived in 5 countries and speak 4 languages, helping me truly understand the GLOBAL consumer.
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  • Descrizione
    We provide social media services to our clients and this is our top service.

    We create campaigns, plan daily posts, research and manage hashtags, grow accounts, and also are specialized in social media advertising.

    Contact us to learn more about how our in-house graphic designer can help create the perfect image to reach your goals.
    Capacità in Social Media (10)
    Social Media AdsSocial Media Customizationgraphic designSocial Media CampaignGrowth HackingFacebook AdvertisingSocial Media StrategySocial Media ManagementFacebook AdsSocial Media Marketing
    Lavori in (5)
    GV Social Media, Email Marketing, and PPC - Social Media
    Unicobag and Unicoaero Social Media - Social Media
    PQE Group Twitter Optimization and Ads - Social Media
    Project EcoSoap Digital Consulting and PR - Social Media
    Clienti in (5)
    EcoSoap BankNo-profit | international
    Hillis Adjustment AgencyAssicurazione | national
    Unicoaero IncAviazione & Aerospaziale | international
    PQE GroupProdotti farmaceutici & biotecnologie | international

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  • Descrizione
    We have managed ad spend for clients of over $50k on all of the following platforms.

    Contact us for more to learn about how we can help optimize your ad spend.
    Capacità in Pubblicità online (5)
    Twitter AdsFacebook AdsGoogle AdWordsGoogle AdsLinkedIn Ads
    Lavori in (3)
    GV Social Media, Email Marketing, and PPC - Pubblicità online
    Unicobag and Unicoaero Social Media - Pubblicità online
    PQE Group Twitter Optimization and Ads - Pubblicità online
    Clienti in (3)
    PQE GroupProdotti farmaceutici & biotecnologie | international
    GabrielsVaultAltri | national
    Unicoaero IncAviazione & Aerospaziale | international

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Nicolo BollaAccountant a Accounting Bolla

Cannot thank her enough for her support in the digital marketing change she brought into my firm. Highly recommended

Gianmarco Danieledirector a gianmarco daniele

Kimberly and her team are truly experts in everything related to digital marketing. I couldn't thank her enough for the value she brought to my business through her social media and email marketing efforts. Highly recommend.

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  • Sede centraleVia Olona, 19, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

  • 2607 Bradwood Rd, Wilmington, DE 19810, USA


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