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Milano, Italia
We combine artificial intelligence and human experience to develop your business
Genoma places the customer and a deep understanding of their needs at the center of its approach, offering support that goes beyond technology. Through human and personalized support, we are committed to understanding each specific challenge, collaborating closely to find tailor-made solutions that respond not only to business objectives, but also enhance human experience and relationships, ensuring that each strategy is calibrated to the unique reality of those who choose us as partners.
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  • Descrizione
    Our Digital Strategy service is the key to unlocking your business's online potential, offering comprehensive insight and careful planning to ensure every aspect of your digital presence is optimized for success. With Genoma Consulting, you will embark on a journey through seven key phases, designed to map your digital growth journey in detail.

    - Discovery Session: We start with a thorough understanding of how your business works. A team of digital marketing and branding experts interviews your team to fully understand their needs and objectives in the digital landscape.
    - Digital Perception Analysis: We evaluate how your brand is perceived online, examining its position at different digital touchpoints and identifying your target audience. This step provides a solid foundation for strengthening your digital presence.
    - Digital Marketing Analysis: We conduct a comprehensive review of your current digital strategies, from web analytics to SEO, content marketing to conversion rate optimization (CRO), social media to email marketing, and beyond. Our goal is to identify opportunities to improve and optimize your digital market approach.
    - Digital Market Overview: We offer an essential overview of your online market, analyzing data and trends to better understand the competitive context and identify winning strategies.
    - Digital Competitive Analysis: We analyze your key digital competitors, evaluating how their strategies can influence yours and finding ways to stand out and excel.
    - Digital Strategic Planning: Based on our analysis, we establish clear short- and long-term goals for your online presence, developing a customized roadmap that guides every step towards digital success.
    - Delivery of Deliverables and Digital Strategic Roadmap: We conclude the process with the presentation of a detailed report and strategic plan, ensuring that you and your team have a complete understanding of the proposed strategies and are ready for implementation.
    Capacità in Strategia digitale (21)
    Digital TransitionTraffic AcquisitionstorytellingDigitalizationDigital EntrepreneurshipDigital AnalyticsDigital Media MarketingDigital ConsultingDigital Marketing Strategyinstagram marketing+11
    Lavori in Strategia digitale (4)
    B2C market penetration strategy - Strategia digitale
    Growth from 20 to 100 million euros in turnover - Strategia digitale
    Expansion into the French market - Strategia digitale
    Innovation and Distinction in the Finishing Sector - Strategia digitale
    Review in {{name}} (1)
    Andrea Menti
    Clienti in Strategia digitale (4)
    Corallo Verniciatura srlBeni e servizi industriali | national
    Marcolin Covering SrlTrasporto | international
    Iniziativenergetiche srlEnergia e petrolio | national
    Balsamini Impianti srlEnergia e petrolio | national

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  • Descrizione
    At Genoma we integrate art and science to create the most effective brand for your goals. Our Branding & Positioning service is not limited to creating an aesthetically appealing image; it's a meticulous process, driven by data and analytics, that blends creativity and scientific precision to forge powerful, lasting brands. Through a data-driven approach, we reveal deep insights into your target market, consumer behavior and competitive dynamics, ensuring every creative decision is rooted in solid analytical foundations.

    Our method:

    - Deep Brand Analysis: Our Brand Audit is based on advanced analysis methodologies, uncovering data and trends to identify the optimal position of your brand in the market landscape.
    - Data-Driven Positioning Strategy: We use sophisticated artificial intelligence models to analyze the market and define a brand positioning that clearly distinguishes you from your competitors.
    - Brand Architecture: we analyze and compare the various architectures that your brand can take on depending on the specific context, ensuring that every aspect is coherent and strategically aligned with business objectives.
    - Brand Messaging: We create your Brand Messaging - from mission to vision, from value proposition to narrative - based on an in-depth understanding of the demographics and psychographics of your audience.
    - Informed Visual Identity: We develop your visual identity, from color palette to typography, photographic style to overall design, so that it resonates deeply with your target audience.
    - Corporate Materials and Narrative: From the Company Profile to the designs of the various touchpoints, each element is designed with focus, ensuring that they effectively communicate the value and uniqueness of your brand.
    - Brand Book: We enclose all the analyzes and materials produced for your brand within a 100% complete user manual, which will allow you to implement the new brand from day 1.
    Capacità in Branding & Posizionamento (16)
    BrandingStrategyBrand StrategyBrand Namingdesignsocial mediaCorporate identityBrand designProgettazione corporate identityIdentità di marca+6
    Lavori in Branding & Posizionamento (2)
    B2C market penetration strategy - Branding & Posizionamento
    Innovation and Distinction in the Finishing Sector - Branding & Posizionamento
    Clienti in Branding & Posizionamento (2)
    Corallo Verniciatura srlBeni e servizi industriali | national
    Balsamini Impianti srlEnergia e petrolio | national

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  • Descrizione
    With unparalleled experience, with over 15 years of SEO technical expertise acquired within Google, our team does not just improve your online positioning, it radically transforms your digital presence into a powerful lever to double or triple your turnover. Thanks to dozens of success stories, we have demonstrated how a scientific and meticulous approach to SEO can lead to exceptional results, making our clients' sites real pillars for generating leads and sales.

    Our SEO services cover:

    - SEO Audit: Deep analyzes based on thousands of factors, to discover hidden opportunities and optimize your SEO strategy at 360 degrees.
    - On-Page and Off-Page SEO: Complete strategies to maximize the visibility and attractiveness of your site towards search engines and users.
    - Local and eCommerce SEO: Customized solutions to reach the target audience in your specific geographical context or in the eCommerce sector.
    - Keyword Research and Meta Data Optimization: We identify strategic keywords and optimize your meta data to attract qualified traffic and improve positioning.
    - Link Building and SEO Web Design: We fortify your site with a quality backlink profile and search engine optimized design for superior usability and visibility.
    - SEO Consulting and Personalized Strategies: Tailored consultancy and development of SEO strategies that perfectly meet the objectives of your business.
    - SEO Copywriting and SEO Management: Creation of content that hits the target, improving both positioning and audience engagement.
    Capacità in SEO (28)
    SEO ConsultingOnline SEOOff Page SEOon page seoSEO ManagementSEO multilingueeCommerce SEOSEO Web DesignMeta Data OptimizationOrganic Traffic+18
    Review in {{name}} (1)
    Paolo Benazzi

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  • Descrizione
    At Genoma, we masterfully blend art and science to sculpt your Digital Identity, ensuring it stands out in the digital realm. Our Digital Identity service goes beyond merely crafting a visually appealing online presence; it's a comprehensive, data-driven process that marries creativity with scientific accuracy to establish a potent and enduring digital persona. Through a meticulous, analytics-based approach, we unlock profound insights into your target market, consumer behavior, and the competitive digital landscape, grounding every creative decision in robust analytical insights.

    Our Method for Shaping Your Digital Identity:

    - Deep Digital Brand Analysis: Our Brand Audit employs sophisticated analysis techniques to dive into data and trends, pinpointing your brand's ideal positioning within the digital marketplace.
    - Data-Driven Digital Positioning Strategy: Utilizing advanced AI models, we dissect the digital market to craft a positioning strategy that sets you apart from the competition, ensuring your digital identity is both unique and compelling.
    - Strategic Digital Brand Architecture: We meticulously evaluate various digital brand architectures, tailoring your online presence to best suit the specific digital context, ensuring coherence and strategic alignment with your business goals.
    - Crafted Digital Brand Messaging: From mission and vision to value proposition and narrative, our messaging is constructed upon a deep understanding of your target audience's demographics and psychographics, ensuring your digital voice resonates strongly.
    - Informed Visual Digital Identity: We develop a visual identity for your digital presence, from color schemes and typography to photographic styles and overall design, making sure it deeply connects with your target demographic online.
    - Corporate Digital Materials and Narrative: We design each element of your digital presence, from the Company Profile to various digital touchpoints, with a sharp focus to effectively communicate your brand's value and uniqueness in the digital space.
    - Digital Brand Book: All analyses and materials created for your brand are compiled into a comprehensive manual, enabling you to implement and manage your new digital identity from day one seamlessly.
    Capacità in Identità Grafica (1)
    Identity Design
    Lavori in Identità Grafica (2)
    B2C market penetration strategy - Identità Grafica
    Innovation and Distinction in the Finishing Sector - Identità Grafica
    Clienti in Identità Grafica (2)
    Balsamini Impianti srlEnergia e petrolio | national
    Corallo Verniciatura srlBeni e servizi industriali | national

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  • Descrizione
    At Genoma, we harness the revolutionary power of Artificial Intelligence to transform business processes, improve efficiency and unleash new possibilities. Our AI service is based on the cutting edge of technology, from Deep Learning and AI Strategies, to machine learning optimization, virtual assistants, and beyond. With deep expertise in ChatGPT consulting, generative AI development, and speech recognition, we position ourselves as your ideal partner in navigating the AI ecosystem, optimizing marketing and exceeding market expectations.

    Here's what we offer in our AI service:

    - Deep Learning & Machine Learning: We implement advanced solutions to analyze large volumes of data, learn from it and make intelligent decisions, thus empowering your business with accurate predictions and personalization at scale.
    - AI Strategy & Development: We develop tailor-made AI strategies that integrate seamlessly with your business objectives, from the development of innovative AI algorithms to their implementation, ensuring you remain at the forefront of your industry.
    - Virtual Assistant & ChatGPT Consulting: We create sophisticated virtual assistants and chatbots, using large language models like Auto-GPT to deliver an unprecedented customer experience, improving customer service and engagement.
    - Generative AI & Speech Recognition: We leverage generative AI to create unique and personalized content and implement speech recognition solutions to make user interactions more natural and intuitive.
    - Marketing Optimization & Sales Forecasting: We optimize your marketing strategies and predict sales trends accurately, using AI to analyze market patterns and consumer behaviors, thus improving ROI and sales performance.
    - Predictive Maintenance & Supply Chain Optimization: We implement AI solutions for predictive maintenance and supply chain optimization, reducing downtime and improving operational efficiency.
    Capacità in Intelligenza Artificiale (18)
    AI AlgorithmAI DevelopmentVirtual ReceptionistSupply chain optimizationDeep LearningMachine LearningVirtual AssistantPredictive maintenanceSales forecastingAuto-GPT+8

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  • Descrizione
    In today's competitive ecosystem, an impactful marketing strategy is crucial to standing out and gaining a competitive advantage. Genoma Consulting combines precision analysis, strategic consultancy and technological innovation to transform your vision into concrete results. Specializing in tailor-made marketing strategies, we offer solutions that adapt perfectly to both B2B and B2C contexts, enabling an effective and integrated multi-channel approach.

    Through our strategic approach, we offer:

    - International Marketing and Analysis: We overcome geographical and cultural barriers to successfully position you in global markets, basing each strategy on in-depth marketing analyzes that illuminate the path to success.
    - Marketing Consulting and Market Research: Our consultancy and market research expertise provides the foundation for informed strategies, clearly outlining opportunities and challenges in your industry.
    - Marketing Automation and Strategy: We leverage automation to refine the efficiency of your campaigns, ensuring that every marketing tactic is perfectly aligned with business objectives and maximizes return on investment.
    - Multichannel, B2B and B2C strategies: We customize campaigns to ensure maximum impact, regardless of the channel or target, with specific strategies for the B2B and B2C world.
    - Marketing and Sales Integration: We join forces between marketing and sales to create an optimized conversion funnel, aiming to convert interest into tangible results for your business.
    - Communication Strategy: We take care of your brand communication to ensure that your voice is consistent, authentic and resonates with your audience, building long-term valuable relationships.
    Capacità in Marketing (11)
    Analisi marketingCommunication StrategyMarketing StrategyMarketing AutomationB2B MarketingMultichannel MarketingMarketing ConsultingB2C MarketingSales MarketingMarketing internazionale+1
    Lavori in Marketing (4)
    B2C market penetration strategy - Marketing
    Growth from 20 to 100 million euros in turnover - Marketing
    Expansion into the French market - Marketing
    Innovation and Distinction in the Finishing Sector - Marketing
    Clienti in Marketing (4)
    Balsamini Impianti srlEnergia e petrolio | national
    Marcolin Covering SrlTrasporto | international
    Iniziativenergetiche srlEnergia e petrolio | national
    Corallo Verniciatura srlBeni e servizi industriali | national

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  • Descrizione

    Nessuna descrizione fornita per questo servizio.

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StoriaOur team brings together personalities with distinct paths, whose collective experiences forge a concrete and ambitious vision, enhanced by each individual's breadth of skills and multidisciplinary perspectives.
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(2 recensioni)
Paolo BenazziImprenditore da Benazzi Global s.p.a.

Paolo Benazzi gestiva la sua azienda da anni, ma era bloccato in una situazione di stallo. Nonostante i suoi sforzi, le vendite e i margini di guadagno non erano all'altezza. Sapeva che qualcosa doveva cambiare se voleva mantenere a galla la sua attività. È stato allora che Andrea ha sentito parlare di Click Generation. Un'agenzia che prometteva di rivoluzionare il modo in cui le aziende raggiungevano i loro clienti. Paolo sapeva di doverla provare. In pochi mesi, l'attività di Paolo si è trasformata. Era riuscito a rilanciare il suo marchio e a far conoscere i suoi prodotti più velocemente che mai. Non solo, ma ora era in grado di venderli a un prezzo molto più alto! Il percorso di Paolo non è stato semplice, ha dovuto impegnarsi per stare al passo con tutte le nuove strategia, ma ora aveva un pubblico di clienti che lo conoscevano, si fidavano di lui ed erano disposti a pagare di più per i suoi prodotti. Aveva finalmente raggiunto il successo a cui aspirava. Il segreto del successo di Paolo? Click Generation, l'innovativo servizio pubblicitario che aveva aperto un nuovo mondo di possibilità per la sua attività. Paolo era grato al servizio e non avrebbe mai potuto farcela senza di loro. Ora, l'unica cosa che restava da fare era guardare la sua attività continuare a crescere.


Andrea MentiImprenditore da Menti design s.r.l.
ServizioStrategia digitale

Andrea Menti non ha mai avuto fiducia nelle soluzioni digitali. Dopo tutto, la sua azienda esisteva da quasi vent'anni e se l'era cavata benissimo anche senza. Ma quando gli affari hanno iniziato a rallentare e i margini a ridursi, ha capito che era arrivato il momento di provare qualcosa di nuovo. Fu allora che sentì parlare di Click Generation. L'azienda di Branding e Marketing digitale che prometteva di fare tutto, dall'aiutare i clienti a trovare ciò di cui avevano bisogno allo snellire le operazioni interne dell'azienda. Era un rischio, ma Andrea era determinato a dare una svolta alla sua azienda. Ora, dopo diversi mesi, Andrea sta vedendo i frutti del suo lavoro. Grazie a Click Generation, le vendite hanno iniziato a crescere, la sua base di clienti è in aumento e i suoi prodotti si vendono più velocemente e a un prezzo più alto. Aveva trovato il suo successo, ed era tutto merito della nuova tecnologia in cui aveva creduto. Andrea Menti credeva fermamente nella tradizione, ma sapeva che a volte era necessario aprirsi a nuovi modi di fare le cose. E il successo della sua azienda ne era la prova. Ora non restava che continuare a trovare il modo di spingersi oltre i limiti e di rimanere al passo con la concorrenza. Il futuro era aperto e non vedeva l'ora di vedere cos'altro c'era in serbo per lui.

ServizioStrategia digitale
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